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bib syrup pump
Carbonated beverage valve
Air guide fan
MORR Ice machine pump
Square shaded-pole motor
Circular duct fan
Axial fan
MORR shaded-pole motor
AC external rotor motor
MORR Water pump motor
Centrifugal fan
MORR Agitating motor
  UF1 beverage valve(2021/10/25)
  Lance beverage valve(2021/10/25)
  bib syrup pump(2021/10/25)
  Now the company has moved to a new factory(2015/8/5)
  New product soda dispensing valve(2014/2/28)
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?/TD> New product soda dispensing valve(2/28)
?/TD> 2 products won title of " The new products" of Refrigeration 2011(6/14)
?/TD> Axial fans with sickle-shaped blades ( aluminium blades )(7/23)
?/TD> High quality, efficient and durable special the ice machine water pump(6/25)
?/TD> New heat pump fans with brushless DC motor(10/29)


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FAX: 86-0571-86702116
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